To say that you get the wrong end of the stick simply implies misunderstanding or wrong facts (and is not situation-specific, assuming I get the drift of your question).

To say that you have the short (or dirty) end of the stick is to have the least desirable part of a bargain or the worst end of a bargain.

Get hold of the wrong stick does not appear to make much sense. It implies there are a few sticks to choose from and (more implausibly) that one of them is right for the purpose. In the context provided, the author alludes to the subject’s deficiency in the knowledge of English Language which could well lead to a misunderstanding on his part (a curse being misinterpreted as an actual plot to kill). It may even be the case that the distortion of this well-known idiom is deliberate and intended to disparage the Greek man’s poor grasp of English.

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