This story is actually embarrassing me to tell. But since I was keceplosan in my sms and you asked me often about it in café dayu, I quite dare to say so.

The story about the kimono is not as precisely as I said that day. You said it was not funny because of the involvement of a child in the hand. No child was actually there. I said so because I was shy to tell the real story. It was me who hold a child of mine. But the pretty girl in kimono walking elegantly to me was really-really you. The funny thing is that the kimono seems to have multifunction, shifting from one to another look. You can wear it sometimes as a Balinese-like dress, sometimes as skirt, long dress and many other types of dress. Funny …. In some way you can use it as a blanket, comfortable blanket.

And ….when you make it as a sleeping gown, you look extremely BEAUTIful in it. KIMONO. I wonder if the real one is really like that. I was happy to look at you in that time. I was just like somebody who is in a big surprise. You were coming to me …. walking elegantly…. no speaking at all …. smiling sweetly. You acted just like a girl who already knew me for a very long time …akrab. You looked happy…. I felt very happy…. It seems to be very real. Nothing tells that it is unreal. And… Annnnnddd. And……. No… I am not going to tell you this part. I am afraid to offend you. But I am happy if I could let you know by not saying it. I mean.… You can, perhaps, guess what should or should not happen after that. Oh God. Forgive me. Saying just this little word as the clue makes me feel very embarrassed… very-very embarrassed.

Sorry. Once again sorry. Sorry to let you know this. But I can not control what I see in my dream because that is just a DREAM. D R E A M about you SUSAN


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  This story is actually embarrassing me to tell. But since I was keceplosan in my sms and you asked […]

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