The latest…life in translation! There are many things happening at once in my little life at the moment: I’ve moved to Cape Town (the big bad city compared to sleepy Stellenbosch); my brother and 18 history students from America are visiting, my friend Noemi from Austria is visiting, and there are some projects brewing and developing. So I do indeed feel like my life is in transition let alone the translating required to ease into this new city life. I live now in a mini-neighborhood called Fresnaye (pronounced “Fray-nay” if you’re of the über (very) cool crowd…which I’m decidedly NOT) in a larger neighborhood called Sea Point. I’m sharing a house with two good friends; it is perhaps one of the nicest houses I’ve lived in thus far. Karen happens to be an artist and designer herself, so there are some lovely touches she has made to this house; see photos. She also likes to collect things (aka PACK RAT!) but hers are always amazing. And this morning, I tried out the public pool – a mere two blocks away. I was wowed by the diversity, by the tremendous variation in shapes, sizes, and colors of all the swimming bodies, and by the fact that the water is seawater. I don’t think I impressed anyone with my swimming abilities; I’m perhaps as agile as a sopping (very) cat. But ah well, there’s always room for improvement, isn’t there. Workwise (yes, I’m still working, don’t start thinking now that I’ve become a swim junkie (addicted)), I’m sending off this book cover tomorrow, let’s hope it’s the final version. The book (poetry) is to be published by Modjaji Books, and is due in the next few months. And I just bought a great picture book yesterday at a new bookshop in Cape Town called the Book Lounge. I love Oliver Jeffer’s work, and found this title, as well as the book itself, irresistible.

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November 3rd, 2019

Photo from Baharuddin

mohon izin share, bapak ibu…. ?

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The latest…life in translation! There are many things happening at once in my little life at the moment: I’ve moved […]

November 15th, 2018


Mohon maaf untuk Rizky dan Nada. Saya tidak bisa hadir… hari ini saya ke jogja sampai hari itu…